Object - Australian Centre for Craft and Design

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Do you ever wonder what the next big thing in design will be? What are the best emerging ideas and trends? Well, Object's annual graduate exhibition, Design Now!, is a chance to be one step ahead of the crowd. The group of 18 finalists shown at Object Gallery in Sydney, Australia, from 5 April until 15 June 2008 represent the best and freshest upcoming designers in Australia, selected from over 120 nominees from 21 universities.Emerging designers from across the country compete with fellow students to exhibit their work in Design Now!. Since 2001 Object has organised and presented its annual Design Now! exhibition (previously titled new design), showcasing the work and nurturing the careers of almost 100 graduates from 14 universities over the past seven years. As Australia's only touring exhibition of student design, the exhibition provides a fantastic launching pad for young designers. With various awards, public exposure, extensive media coverage and a wide range of professional opportunities eventuating from the project, becoming a finalist in Object's graduate exhibition is one of the most hotly sought-after achievements of final-year design students across Australia. The outstanding graduates are keenly watched by the industry, inspiring the next generation of students and providing a new outlook for the public.The exhibition presents the work of the three most outstanding graduates in each of six categories, including: Design for the Built Environment; Design for the Body; Design for Communication; Design for Studio Production; Design for the Home; and Design for Industry. Heads of Departments and lecturers from university art and design schools across Australia are asked to nominate up to 3 students who produced outstanding work in the final year of their degree. From among these finalists, a panel of prestigious judges select a winner to receive a cash prize of $2,500 - an amazing kick-start to any designer's career. The prizes catapult winners into the public eye, earning them acclaim and exceptional professional opportunities. The opening night events and high profile media articles enable finalists to create a profile locally, providing a launch pad for their careers.Campbell Boyer, a finalist in 2006 said, "The impact of winning new design exceeded my expectations as far as propelling my career to a new level." Previous finalists in the exhibition, Trent Jansen, Elliat Rich and Edward Wong, have all since emerged as finalists in the Bombay Sapphire Design Discovery Award, which is recognised as the most prestigious award in Australian design. For the first time in 2006, Object further broadened the opportunities for audience exposure to these emerging designers, especially among students, through a partnership with Melbourne Museum. Last year, Living Edge (one of Australia's leading commercial design showrooms) also joined as the exhibition's major sponsor, and Vogue Living Australia continues to be a valued media sponsor on the project.This year the work of 18 selected finalists is being shown at Object Gallery in Sydney, Australia, from 5 April - 15 June 2008 and at the Melbourne Museum from 24 July until 5 October 2008.The exhibition provides a fantastic opportunity to preview the very latest in design, and meet Australia's next generation of iconic designers.